The theology of carnality: I’ve often wondered and have often been asked why it is that humans, particularly men are so carnal in nature. That is, why does is seem as though their sin, more often than not take the shape of something to do with lust or physical gratification. To begin to understand why, one must first evaluate the nature of the sin. Sexual sin is something deeply connected to a desire for intimacy, relation and acceptance. Sexual sin is a fallen man’s answer to the question of “How do I regain that which was lost in the garden?”. This is by no means to say that man’s relationship to God is something to be experienced physically, but it is to say that men are created for something deeply relational in connection to God. Before sin, Adam’s relationship with God was something greater than that of God and His angels. He was totally accepted before God and his intimate relationship with Him was unhindered. However, after sin the intimacy, relation and acceptance Adam had was all lost. I would argue that as a result, man looked to that which produced an immediate form or intimacy, to act as a means of coping for that which was lost in the garden. If my theory is correct than the sin which seems to hold men captive can be broken only when that relationship between man and God is restored. Well praise be to God! For He sent His son Jesus to be the atonement for our sins, so that man can come into a loving relationship with their creator! So that man might have that which he once had in the garden!